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Locally Owned and Operated Since 1983

As a second generation family owned and operated business, Weber’s Cabinet and Fixture has served Nevada & California for over 36 years. Whether you are a business or a homeowner, your vision is our passion, and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your partnership and trust.

Our Story

Built from the ground up, Rollie and Ree Weber first began Weber’s Cabinet & Fixture Co. from modest makings in a small garage and shortly expanded into a shop on Greg Street. To make this passion a reality, Rollie’s former boss, Gunther Heyer, who had owned a cabinet company also, loaned them $10,000 to buy equipment and start their new business venture. They flourished with such success, that they soon hired more employees to help them keep things running. For over 20 years, the Weber’s worked tirelessly in building; building relationships, business partnerships, product expansion and more. During this time, their family expanded too, Rollie and Ree brought up three sons, Nick, Brian and Aaron, who grew along with the shop from childhood to adulthood.

The Weber’s love for family and dedication gained them the trust and love of many people throughout the Northern Nevada area. For years, Rollie and Ree ran the company until Rollie’s unfortunate passing in 2005. Fortunately, Nick Weber, their eldest son had been helping his father oversee the day to day operations of the shop since 2001. After Rollie’s passing in 2005, together Nick and Ree were able to preserve the family business until 2014. Ree retired in 2014, at which time, Nick took sole ownership of the company. Nick has since followed in the footsteps of his father and taken the helm of the business to expand even more. Now the tradition continues as Nick and his wife continue the Weber family business and raise their children learning the value of hard-work, tradition and family.

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